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The Thierer Family Foundation is dedicated to supporting nonprofits across the US through technology. One of their biggest efforts to date is centered around food access, and they needed help putting words to this project, and building out a new identity to resonate with food banks, pantries, and everyday people.

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After gaining insight from potential users of the platform, we landed on the idea that this is more than a piece of technology, but a comprehensive network of partners coming together to help boost connections between people and the food and resources they need to thrive.

We named this technology solution Vivery. A play on the good life, and living with vivacity.

Vivery helps create clear pathways for people to find the food and services they need, when they need them—and gives pantries and food banks added resources to fulfill their mission.

The easy and intuitive digital tools consist of a food finder map, an automated website builder and text messaging for pantries, and an app for people seeking food. Fully funded for food pantries, this platform allows them better reach their clients and keep people up to date on hours, special programs, and services offered.

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We helped write and design the website, working with the team at Blueshoon to bring it all to life.

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We also partnered with Matt Blease to develop witty brand illustrations that tell the Vivery story with its two main characters: people and technology.

Lifestyle photography that showcases outcomes of a full life, round out the imagery for an identity that needed to feel approachable when we wouldn’t have immediate access to photos of the pantries or of the tech in-use.

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We centered the color palette around shades of green with complementary neutrals that feel happy but peaceful and pair well with food. The identity rides the fine line of an uplifting brand that offers modern technology, without alienating the seriousness of the mission of food access or the importance of the work that food banks and pantries do.

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Vivery was honored at the 2022 Chicago Innovation Awards with the Social Innovator Award.

"Our brand looks fantastic and I’m very proud of the work we did to bring it to life. I also love that the name encompasses who we want to be and has been so readily embraced by everyone.”

-Azita Habibi, Chief Business Development Officer