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Younique Foundation was focused on helping survivors heal from the trauma associated with child sexual abuse. Defend Innocence was focused on providing education and resources to parents in order to prevent child sexual abuse from happening in their communities.

We needed to figure out a way to create one brand that could resonate with both audiences at the same time and not feel watered down or fractured. The team came up with the name Saprea, a fabricated word that evokes a sense of power and life.

A sign of warning and fortitude, the dahlia flower was our visual inspiration. We created an abstract organic form with a spark at the center and openings to represent an accessible community. The mark became a symbol of growth and determination while illuminating the idea of education and movement.

Saprea Dahlia
Text 3000 Text Styling

For the brand voice, it was difficult to imagine talking to both of these audiences in the same way: one needed pushing and a sense of urgency and the other needed patience and compassion. In the end, we met in the middle, creating a voice and tone that would appeal to both sides of the coin without turning anyone away.

With digital applications, we brought a strong sense of clarity and organization to the brand through modular design and added a dose of humanity through a modern photography style that feels personal and editorial.

Web Mockup 3000

Social streams showcase a place for information and community, keeping both audiences in mind without speaking too loudly to one side of the conversation.

04 Flatscape 3000

“This branding work provides us an opportunity to grow and expand our services to people that deeply need it. This is one of those projects that I fully expect 20-30 years down the road we’ll look back on and say that we got to be a part of changing lives.”

- Chris Yadon, Executive Director