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Abstract hands coming together in a subtle O shape represent Open Hand’s personal impact: delivering nourishing meals and nutrition education to neighbors in need. The new logo, much like a caring neighbor, is warm, approachable, and always there to offer a helping hand.

Open Hand Logo Before
Open Hand Logo After
Open Hand Before After 2

Good Measure Meals is the non-profit's local meal delivery service that helps fund Open Hand's mission. When bringing it into the fold, we had to find a fine balance of looking like both a non-profit and a consumer brand. With a shared brand mark, colors, type, photo styles and mosaic food artwork, the two entities are now clearly recognizable as a joint force - allowing for the greatest impact.

We set out to create a visual system that captures the dynamic spirit and energy that Open Hand and Good Measure Meals provides in each and everyone of their meals. Vibrant and expressive kaleidoscopes of ingredients imbue food with a sense of movement and physicality, further communicating the delivery aspect of the non-profit. The kaleidoscopes movement is focused outward from a central point alluding to community and a wide-reaching effort.

Open Hand Booklet Cover min
Open Hand Booklet Inside min
Open Hand Website min
Open Hand Bus Poster min
Open Hand Mural 2 1 min
Open Hand Box min
Open Hand Food Package min

We wanted the visual system to always feel vivacious, healthy, and of course tasty. The palette was built with food photography in mind, selecting colors that harmonize with fresh ingredients, but can also remain appetizing on their own.

Open Hand Door Poster min
Open Hand Sign min
Open Hand Hat min
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Check out the updated sites for Open Hand and Good Measure Meals to see the refresh in action.