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IJM Stationery Overview 3000

We were tasked to revitalize their visual language, building around their existing logo and core brand color.

IJM Rack Card 3000
IJM Booklet Covers 3000

After better understanding the audience, brand use cases, and the marketing and communication team needs, we helped the IJM brand transform with agility and flexibility in mind. At times the brand needed to flex from official and credible to hopeful and bright.

IJM Brochure 3000

We built color ways, type, layout and graphic treatments to flex as needed while still remaining overall recognizable and consistent.

IJM Posters 3000
IJM Tote 1500

IJM Fact Sheet 3000
IJM Instagram 3000 copy
IJM Booklet 3000
IJM Pop Up Banners 3000
IJM Website 3000
IJM Business Card 3000

The spirit of the design system was clearly defined and modeled in the brand guidelines document, setting up their international creative team for success.

IJM Guidelines 3000

The result is a well-executed bright and hopeful brand that stands out on the international NGO stage and will help win over local community leaders.