Matchstic Radically Relevant

In the midst of a massive merger of cloud technology organizations from across the globe, Ollion came to us with their rather audacious vision of upending the traditional consultancy model. They needed a brand that represented their radical, yet nurturing, approach to partnership and refreshing sense of humanity.

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Our research revealed that enterprise business and tech leaders are tired of one-size-fits-all solutions from big-name consultancies. In other words, they’re ready for something different—an entirely new experience.

The name Ollion is rooted in one idea—being “all in.” All in on clients. All in on their clients’ customers. All in on creating new, better ways to work. All in on their purpose to multiply humanity’s potential.

The bold, geometric wordmark was designed to defy generic corporate tech trends, balancing bits of edge and softness in the letterforms. Complementing the forms set by the wordmark, the symbol expresses the seamless exchange of new ideas between two organizations working as one.

A graphic pattern born of the symbol represents people pointed in the same direction towards a common goal, and also the concept of “dialing in” the perfect custom solution.

Type, color, and photography bring warmth to the brand—adding in a human element that the world of corporate tech consulting lacks.

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The brand voice is sharp enough to cut through the vague promises and tech jargon that dominate the industry, steering Ollion’s clients in a truly transformative direction. Headlines like “Change you can be” and “We don’t see ourselves in your future. You won’t need us by then,” are incisive and inclusive, offering a perspective on consulting as revolutionary as the competition claims to be.

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The identity process concluded with a brand launch video that inspired employees and clients alike while encouraging them to go all in on Ollion.

“Our favorite part in working with Matchstic was the collaboration. The team felt energized after every call — rare and exhilarating. With their keen grasp of our business and unique market opportunity, clear process and delightful work product at each step, Matchstic helped to deliver a brand that is truly distinctive.”

— Lauren Dettloff, Chief Marketing and Growth Officer