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66 Degrees Bus Kiosk

We were inspired by the name 66degrees (it’s the temperature range that clouds are formed within) and pored over weather maps and almanacs to build a visual identity. Using heat maps, we developed a vivid, gradient-based color palette that resembles weather patterns that constantly evolve and fluctuate with highs and lows. Similar to the technology support 66degrees delivers, the gradients are agile and flexible; they can be turned up or cooled down, and are fitting for a wide range of applications.

66 Degrees Billboard

66degrees’ wordmark riffs on the meteorological symbol for the formation and development of cloud systems, an identifier that has been used by the U.S. National Weather Service and meteorologists around the world. That idea is taken a step further with an iconography set that echoes the wordmark.

66 Degrees Laptop
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In a competitive landscape awash in sans serifs, 66degrees stands out with serif-forward typography. Photography leads with artful shots that capture the human element of technology, utilizing a clean, simple and modern point of view to let the bold gradients and type take the spotlight.

66 Degrees Square Billboard
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