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There’s no shortage of enterprise-level hiring solutions, yet Fountain is the only one all-in on high-volume hourly. We developed a distinct brand strategy, messaging tool kit, and visual identity that launched them out of the corporate tech sea of sameness to reflect their unwavering focus on hourly workers.

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Old Logo
New Logo
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Kinetic gradients illustrate the overflowing sea of candidates Fountain provides and gives the brand a sense of depth and movement through color. Introducing purple into the palette allowed Fountain to own a more distinct color in the market while maintaining the equity Fountain had in its original blue.

Image 04 Gradient Colors
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The Fountain website underwent a radical overhaul in an effort to clearly communicate the complex offerings they provide. We partnered with Whiteboard, a digital agency, to craft a better user experience while we designed the branded UI. The new site brings a refreshing sense of humanity with photos of honest-to-goodness hourly workers, taking on a personality that draws you in and doesn’t leave you guessing.

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This timely rebrand came amidst a labor shortage sparked by the pandemic – a crisis that left employers scrambling to fill positions and hourly workers feeling undervalued.

Now equipped with a kinetic new visual and verbal identity that empowers them to Outpace Hourly, they can deliver delight and insight to the world's greatest brands.

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