Matchstic Radically Relevant

Where “high-rise luxury” is as common a phrase as “watch the sunset from your balcony,” we needed to think outside the apartment brand box to create a sense of place that feels like a natural piece of the cultural and physical landscape.

Our first step: do the research. We hopped on a plane down south to learn the lay of the land and catch a glimpse of the newest unnamed high-rise in the historic Las Olas neighborhood. Shaped like a fish fin and standing tall at 30 stories, this apartment project was eye-catching from the start.


Capitalizing on the building’s structural shape and drawing from the inspiring local sights, tastes (and yes, even floor tiles), we headed back to Atlanta to build a brand that would outlast every next new and shiny competitor.

In our desire to create a place with presence and gravity, we took a more cultured approach to finding just the right name. Our true moniker is found in local botanical history. The amaranth (literally “unfading flower”), combined with a sunny suffix, evokes the elegance and longevity so distinct in a trendy competitive landscape.


From the flower motif blossomed an abstracted “A.” The symbol atop a custom serif wordmark fit the bill for the face of the brand.


The identity system flourishes with ornate patterns, champagne accents and nostalgic flower imagery. Elegant yet neutral tones simulate the architectural and coastal surroundings. Starting with the characters in our custom wordmark, we built a complete, operational typeface to further position the brand at the top of the market.


To truly fit the look, we rounded out the personality of the Amaray lifestyle with a unique voice and tone. Sophisticated, yet down-tempo, Amaray anticipates customer needs and communicates refined offerings with an effortless flow that sounds laidback and welcoming. All reveal our core concept—Time for Life.


As a complete package, Amaray feels high-touch—appropriately thoughtful down to the foil-finished details.