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There are many cabinetmakers in the Atlanta area, but we uncovered Bell brings high design down to earth: emphasizing design in the cabinet- making process and making creative ideas accessible to every customer.

Bell constructs every cabinet to be “Fine fitting.”


This differentiator was the focus of our identity-making process: crafting a visual and verbal system that supports and reflects this hardworking cabinet company that’s obsessed with design. First, we needed to change their name to emphasize their design focus and make their offering crystal clear.

Bell Brandmark Before
Bell Brandmark After

Then we articulated a modern typographic mark that could speak to the high-end designer, with clean thick & thins, yet feel appropriate for a strong and sturdy builder.


We created a series of key messages that would better reflect their down-to-earth sensibilities and high design capabilities.

Sample Messaging

Cabinets are more than containers—they add personality to your space.


We believe the best kind of cabinets work hard for you. They add warmth and depth without adding too much fuss. Both functional and stylish, cabinets hold your prized possessions and carry the tone of your home.

Cabinet-making is in our blood, so we know a thing or two about this craft. That’s why we hire people who are as passionate about it as we are—those who love the smell of sawdust and get down and dirty with details, all so our customers don’t have to.

08 Bell 3000

We fine-tuned the visual system to be simple, elegant, and precise.


Finally, we created a modern feel with flexible structures for housing content and a lived-in photography style bringing high-design down to Earth.