Matchstic Radically Relevant

A visionary designer, who happens to build homes, Monte Hewett approached us with a good problem to have: he’s too well-known.

“Monte is tapped into the future right now.” “Monte’s product speaks for itself.” “He’s a leader in the industry... He is really held in high regard.”

It was clear to us that the brand needed to go beyond the man and the look needed to reflect the quality he was known for.

So we approached this problem like Monte himself would.

We studied the company, their communities, their design philosophy and their vision and dug beneath the surface to simply uncover the truth that was already there.

Life Well-Built


We designed a brand identity that was thoughtful and layered. Polished yet personal. Sophisticated yet strong.


The brandmark was designed to be solid and confident, proudly boasting the name and monogram symbol. The system’s use of elegant and distinctly hand-drawn assets lend to a personal feel, while fine papers and finishes communicate Monte’s quality of craft—a visual representation of Life Well-Built.


“Matchstic really discovered the DNA of Monte Hewett Homes. There is no way that we could have perfectly aligned our brand identity, image and marketing materials and statements without the work of Matchstic. The discovery process was absolutely brilliant.”

—Kelly Kingsfield, Chief Experience Officer