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Yarrow is an imprint of Precept, a 50-year-old non-profit organization that produces Bible study materials. Precept tasked us to name and build a sub-brand with products that engage younger generations in relevant ways — both in print and digital spaces.

Through research we learned “next generation” Christians approach Bible study differently than generations before. They’re more curious, open-minded, and conscious of navigating cultural change in a Biblical way. The Yarrow brand offers an invitation for them to discover how they can apply what they learn to their everyday lives.

Yarrow is a small flower that symbolizes natural healing, love, and courage. As a brand name it represents personal growth and self expression while being rooted in core beliefs and values.

The Yarrow symbol is a stylized blossom that flourishes outward, and also (more subtly) depicts the turning pages of an open book.

Yarrow Journal Mock 1500
Yarrow Magazine Mock 1500

Additional graphic elements were all inspired by the natural world and the growth that happens when one studies with Yarrow. Hand-drawn iconography, free-flowing patterns, warm photography, and earthy color all come together to give the brand depth and dimension.

Yarrow Alt Journal Mock 3000
Yarrow Inside Cropped 3000

Messaging is equal parts welcoming, inspiring, and real. Lines like “Let’s Dig Deeper Together” and “Never Stop Questioning” speak to a generation looking for answers and how to put their faith into action.

The Yarrow brand is poised to extend Precept’s legacy of producing thoughtful Bible study resources connecting more people to God, their faith, and the world around them.