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Realizing that their nonprofit could only go so far and reach so many people, Katherine and Jay turned to us to help them pilot a brick & mortar coffee shop that will provide jobs for people with disabilities as well as a nurturing place for community.

Mend Menu
Mend Coffee Cup

This new concept needed a new name that would connect back to the Hope Heals mission, without replicating its brand. We were tasked with coming up with a name that would feel like a coffee shop, rather than a nonprofit, yet provide a doorway for people to learn about the great work Hope Heals is doing. In the naming process we were inspired by the dichotomies that Katherine and Jay live by: Joyful Rebellion, The Good-Hard Life, Treasures in the Dark.

The name Mend speaks to the vision of Hope Heals without being too closely tied to it. The word mark embraces the same dichotomies as the brand: imperfect, yet beautiful. The breaks in the letterforms speak to imperfection, while the typographic style exudes beauty.

Mend Window Decal



Mend Aframe Updated

The design system of the shop remains elegant, yet warm and inclusive. A natural color palette, typographic assets, patterns and imagery express the heart behind Mend.

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Mend Sign

“We are so grateful for Matchstic's creative collaboration. We can't wait to have coffee together at Mend!”

- Jay & Katherine Wolf, Founders