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Each of WinShape’s ministries — Camps, Teams, College Program, Marriage and Homes — has its own mission and audience. As a result, the brands had drifted apart visually. Our job was to make this family look and feel more tight-knit, with a master brand strategy that ties it all together.

We worked with leadership teams across the organization to establish each brand's audience, personality, and positioning. From there we created a master identity system with fixed (must-haves) and flexible (could-haves) to equip each ministry with a robust kit of parts.

Winshape Case Study Slider Foundation Asset 2

WinShape Foundation’s core system has limited internal use and is clean and orderly, serving as a launching point for its family of ministries. It has an informational graphic language, with dot grids, arrows, and lines.

Winshape Case Study Slider Camps Asset 3

With a previously designed visual system in hand, WinShape Camps served as a model identity for other ministries. Perhaps the most energetic ministry, the identity feels layered, vibrant and fun.

Winshape Case Study Slider College Asset 5

WinShape College Program aims for a tone that is fun yet more mature than camps with bold colors and a ripple motif from the existing logo.

Winshape Case Study Slider Teams Asset 4

Slightly more professional and interactive, WinShape Teams incorporates texture and topographic linework that captures a sense of adventure.

Winshape Case Study Slider Marriage Asset 7

WinShape Marriage’s thin linework, map sketching and lighter type link romance with a sense of adventure.

Winshape Case Study Slider Homes Asset 6

To convey the feeling of home and family, WinShape Homes use warm, candid photography. A roofline die-cut, inspired by the ministry’s existing logo, is used to create icons and frame photography.

We created an updated umbrella set of typefaces that could be used in different weights and in varying combinations to create type suites that feel both unique and uniform for each ministry.

10 Win Shape 1500

Using red mono-weight linework, we unified shapes and styles for iconography across the entire Foundation.

We created a master color wheel, with white and red at the center. WinShape Foundation leads with red, white and gray with only small pops of color, and each ministry owns a segment of the wheel.

The WinShape family of brands is now clear and defined, allowing their teams to do what they do best: create meaningful experiences to make a real difference in people’s lives.