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Primarily, the coalition needed a captivating identity that would build momentum around its effort to uphold Southern woodlands. Additionally, they wanted to change the negative stigma associated with working forests.

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To start, we got out of the city and went back to the land, traveling with the Keeping Forests as Forests team to a working forest in Newberry, South Carolina. There, we met a multi-generational forest landowner whose livelihood depends on lumber.

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We left with a profound understanding of how each coalition member’s individual perspective coalesced into a larger effort to illuminate the full value of Southern forests, from the environment and economy to culture and well-being. From there, we rolled up our sleeves and started by trimming the organization’s name to a sturdier and more useful Keeping Forests.

An abstract pinecone brandmark symbolizes growth and regeneration, representing Keeping Forests’ mission to ensure Southern woods thrive for generations to come.

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Drawing inspiration from the land, the color palette is rich in earth tones sourced straight from the region’s forests. For a more progressive graphic look, we created a stylistic blur from images of nature.

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The brand boldly uses photography that showcases the full benefit of forests in action. Images go beyond hiking trails and animal habitats to show timber harvesting, clean drinking water, hunting, household furniture, and sustainable paper products.

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A courageous brand voice speaks to the critical nature of Keeping Forests’ mission by dispelling myths about working forests and connecting them to the average consumer.

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“[The Matchstic team’s] questions and care were evident. That came out in their work and interactions with us. We could tell they were committed to making us successful so that we could make a difference in the world.”
— Laura Calandrella, Keeping Forests