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SW stickers

Southworks’ existing verbals centered on the message Make Everything Right, and we pushed that idea forward with visuals that exemplify how the company keeps work flowing without forgetting the human touch.

SW Asset 1
Southworks Buisness Cards
Southworks New Papers Mockup
SW Postcads
SW A4 Folder Mockup v03
Southworks 03 Premade Scene

A techy brandmark combines two type styles, representing Southworks’ expertise on both the front and back end of development. Chunky, impossible-to-miss supporting typography makes everything feel approachable and playful.

SW Stationary1
SW Free A4 Brochure Mockup 02
TS Hirt Back2
TS Hirt Front1
SW Free A4 Brochure Mockup 01

Deep green, vivid orange and off white lead the palette, which pops with unexpected accents of pink, green and bright white.

Playful illustrations personify the concept of Make Everything Right by way of the Southworks Handyman, who shows up pretty much anywhere help is needed. The Handyman’s flexible arms and high fives layer into a number of applications, from photography and headlines to charts and swag.

Gravity Paper Brand Mockup
SW Asset 2
SW NEW Asset 3

The result is a tech brand that sounds smart, looks distinct, and feels incredibly human.

SW 1958 Ballcap

Asset 5
SW Website