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When it comes to banking in the South, big banks rule the land. As financial institutions become giants, banking customers have lost something: the feeling of being understood. While big name banks see their customers as account statements, Craft takes their full story into account.

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Craft’s identity is built around the concept of being a collaborative and accessible partner to business banking customers. The wordmark, comprised of individual graphic shapes, came to inspire the entire visual identity system. Abstract shapes represent the customized solutions Craft provides its clients.

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Nodding to the bank’s tech-centric approach, an energetic, bright color palette is strikingly different from the reserved, somber tones typically found in traditional banking.

Custom photography featuring whimsical wood blocks illustrate how Craft builds customized solutions for banking, both business and personal.

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The brand voice stands out with a neighborly appeal and a fresh tone, which is unheard in the big bank scene.

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"Matchstic will work with you and give you something that's better than you expected."

- Beth Martin, Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Craft Bank