Matchstic Radically Relevant
14 Dwell 3000

After getting to know their team and speaking with clients across a spectrum of industries, we found that people were attracted to two main things about the brand: their radical way of thinking and their polished product.

16 Dwell 3000

The dichotomy between these two, sometimes at odds, words became a driving force for the identity work we delivered.

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The messaging helps strike this balanced chord and highlights their no bullshit, kiss our ass snarky personality with sentiments that point out the old school way of thinking that many of their competitors won’t let go of.

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05 Dwell 3000

With a strong personality leading the company, we also infused a bit of the owner’s cadence into their messages, helping prospects feel the vibe they will get if they partner with, or work at, Dwell.

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17 Dwell 3000

Reminiscent of a graffiti tag, the symbol further accentuates this rad attitude. You can almost read the letters D-W-E-L-L within, yet it feels like a free flowing, organic mark. The wordmark also has its quirks, with interesting letterforms that match the brand’s overall character.

03 Dwell 3000
08 Dwell 3000

The colorful palette has striking hues that work especially well in graffiti like patterns that can be used as borders, backgrounds and image fills across applications.

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Our clients wanted to go big and bold so we did not hold back with the expressive nature of this brand. Overall, we feel that we closely captured the dynamic personality of the team and created a system that sets them up to stand out in a sea of bland acronyms that grace the doors of traditional architecture firms across the globe.

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