Ripple main 2color
Ripple Brandmark RGB Brandmark Full Color

First, we shortened the name to Ripple, removing the “IT” to make it more colloquial and natural. Then we built a brand voice to infuse humor and wit, without sounding too condescending or childish.

02 Ripple 3000 144x

Taking the conversation even further, we gave Ripple a much bolder brandmark. The speech bracket from its original logo was upgraded to a speech bubble, becoming more open and human.

07 Ripple 3000
19 Ripple 3000

Fun and flexible, the speech bubble asset can be used as a container for photography and messaging, a social media avatar or simply as an iconic shorthand.

Artboard 65 copy 6 144x
12 Ripple 3000

A series of playful illustrations add a proprietary compliment to the visual system and depict Ripple’s Humans First approach to IT support.

Artboard 65 copy 7 144x

Equipped with a fresh new look and voice, Ripple is making new waves for their customers and in their market.