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Formerly Aircraft Technical Publishers, the team at ATP experienced a lot of confusion as several other organizations share the ATP acronym. Not only were they getting lost in the market, the full name was no longer representative of all their offerings and the acronym could not be trademarked.

Veryon Comps

Every minute matters in the aviation industry, but competing technologies often lead to a lot of “downtime” for aircraft. The name Veryon suggests they are always “on” - no more waiting, no more wondering, no more wasted effort. The arrow pointing upward in the shape of an abstract V naturally felt optimistic and forward-looking, while also visualizing their tagline “Let’s get you more uptime.”

02 Veryon 3000 B
03 Veryon 3000

Similar companies utilize generic blues hoping to communicate trust and reliability. However, this presented an opportunity to stand out in a “sky” of sameness with a bold hero color. By leading with a vibrant yellow, Veryon stands above the others. It's also a color often seen lining runways, which are incredibly precise, timely and well-organized, just like Veryon.

06 Veryon 3000
07 Veryon 3000 B
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09 A Veryon 3000

One of the key visuals in Veryon’s brand identity is a textured background that can be seen as both the asphalt of the runway and the stars of the sky, showcasing how they’re not limited to just one domain. We also outlined three photographic directions for the Veryon brand to follow, which include photos up in the clouds, stylish photos of planes ascending in the sky, and photos that hone in on detailed moments of planes and the people who work hard to maintain them.

As a result of the rebrand, Veryon's social media engagement surged by more than 200%, website traffic increased by over 50%, and it significantly contributed to pipeline creation, accounting for over 50% in Q2.

“Thank you for being part of our journey. 50 years in and we’re just getting started. We’re excited to bring the Veryon brand to life—and do so as seamlessly as possible. Here’s to new horizons!”

— Norman Happ, CEO