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To start, we helped Intown Community Church identify what truly makes them unique, creating an internal rally cry that would resonate with those outside of the church and in the community. This ultimate goal — to stretch the bounds of belonging — inspires Intown Community Church to become a beacon of fellowship within its neighborhood.

Old Logo 39
New Logo 39

We then created a symbol that suggests the kaleidoscope of diversity the church wants to attract. The color palette is rooted in a deep green that conveys growth and harmony, accented with a range of bright and warm colors.

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The multicolored mark is made up of perfect circles, creating a stained glass motif commonly found in church. Paired with a soft, friendly typeface, the brandmark reflects Intown Community Church’s welcoming spirit.

Sactuary Banner
Room Number
Prayer Card

The symbol serves as a super-graphic, malleable in application.

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Monument Sign02

Intown Community Church’s photography style resembles sunshine filtered through stained glass, blending colors to further the idea of fellowship among people from all walks of life.

Table Tent
Entrance Sign

We added some personality with an updated brand voice and messaging that’s humble, helpful and kind, like a church welcoming committee.

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