01 Interlock 3000

With ample office space, an extensive business incubator, retail opportunities, a hotel, and 350 apartments, the project would ultimately serve as an anchor in the quickly-developing West Midtown neighborhood of Atlanta. And crucially, the site would boost walkability by creating an accessible pedestrian corridor through the formerly-industrial area.

05 Interlock 2000
7 Interlock 3000
1 Interlock 3000

Our team scoured the neighborhood for inspiration, ultimately finding a historic plaque with a word that fit the site perfectly: Interlock. Drawn from the Howell Interlocking Historic District, where four railroad lines converged, the name connoted cohesion, connection, and community.

3 Interlock 3000

Visually, the brand is appropriately big and bold. Its symbol, based on intersecting trail tracks, forms a sturdy and industrial 'I' and suggests themes of connection and intersection.

07 Interlock 3000