Matchstic Radically Relevant
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The challenge was, this area already had a prominent name—the Sweet Water District—borrowed from one of their well-known neighbors: Sweet Water Brewery.

Through a strategic and creative process, we helped them define and express their reason for being, distinction and personality. This expression needed to invite their long situated neighbors into the fold, while allowing them to keep their own unique identities.

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Beyond just slapping a “Creative Offices” label on a brochure, Armour Yards is a connected community that offers a natural way to work: flowing, energetic and approachable.

Open for Ideas

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Balancing the industrial and the modern; the sophisticated and the personable—this system has real character.

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“The Matchstic process helped us develop an approach to thinking about our projects, which will serve as a valuable framework for subsequent developments. Through the collateral and visual brand communication, our stakeholders have adopted our plan and joined us in promoting it. It's a quality of work you don't often see in the real estate world. There has been an immediate acceptance of what we are trying to accomplish, which is rare in our industry.”

—Pierce Lancaster, Co-Founder of Third & Urban

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