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16 Lazul 3000

This colorful community first needed a name interesting enough to appeal to a diverse range of residents, without sounding cliché.

Lazul Brandmark

We came up with Lazul, a play on lapis lazuli, a bright blue gemstone symbolizing royalty, honor, wisdom and truth. Completely unique and curious-sounding, this name felt like a great solution for standing out and attracting people from all walks of life.

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07 Lazul 3000
04 Lazul 1500

Like the lapis lazuli stone, weighty, chiseled letterforms are fashioned into a custom logotype. A framed variation is intended to create a sense of permanence to the placemaking project, like a bronze plaque at the entry of an old building.

05 Lazul 3000
30 Lazul 1500
26 Lazul 1500
27 Lazul 3000
01 Lazul 3000

Our namesake’s deep, rich blue color was the starting point for the identity design: a colorful, gold-leafed, patterned representation of a new—and unexpected—North Miami Beach.

Lazul 3000
25 Lazul 1500
28 Lazul 1500

Fun yet flexible, Lazul’s identity brings a fresh, breezy energy to North Miami Beach.