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We went back to school and interviewed department heads, surveyed students, and sought to understand the faculty’s and founder’s vision. We also benchmarked 10 other innovation programs across the nation and across Tech’s campus.

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We reached two main insights:

Tech has a reputation for graduating the toughest problem solvers.

The opportunity is to teach them how to frame those problems in the first place.

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The Innovation and Design Collaborative could bridge the gap, teaching the industrious to also be inventive.

Unfortunately, The Innovation and Design Collaborative is a long name. And IDC means “I don’t care” to a bunch of college kids—OMG. Perhaps we could give it a better nickname?

04_Design Bloc_1200

Design: what we do.

Bloc: who we are; a group of people sharing a common purpose.

Paired together, they seemed to be a fitting nickname.

For the logo, our solution was a simple black block that frames and reframes across different mediums.

Now for the task of bringing it to life around campus.

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07_Design Bloc

We created iconography & patterns to represent Design Bloc’s core design behaviors and used bold messaging to intrigue and invite.

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