Matchstic Radically Relevant

A group of industry pros came to us with the beta version of an app, called Repair Dog, that quickly connects restaurant managers with service technicians when things go wrong. Think Uber for restaurant repair.

First we needed to fetch a new name. So we landed on a simple, yet fabricated word to help restaurants get back up and running in no time.


Whether a restaurant manager is trying to maintain the flow of food and spot on service, or a technician is looking to book jobs and get paid quickly, Humrun keeps operations in full swing and humming along.


Over. Easy.

Replace the dark and stormy with the sunny 
side up.

Less meltdowns, more patty melts.

When your day gets 
shaken and stirred, we’ll 
be there to help.

The identity of this new brand needed to communicate the natural flow of good business so we created a system that visually represents that using fluid linework.


The symbol connects the two stems of an H with a single line, visually alluding to the connections made between users of the app. It’s paired with a wordmark created from repeating geometric shapes that combines upper and lowercase letters in a playful, accessible way.


The playful flow continues with the graphic assets of the system, again using rolling linework to create engaging illustrations and custom iconography.


“They are 100% process-driven, and every deliverable met the schedule they set. They adamantly stuck to their methodology, and helped identify the heart of our brand. They did a phenomenal job.”

—Andy McKoski
, Humrun CEO & Founder