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Just a short walk down Memorial Drive from our office, the planned residential community would be both our client and our neighbor. And so we pulled out all the stops to develop a memorable and elegant identity that we’d be proud to walk and drive by daily.

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Located in a swiftly-developing corner of Atlanta, Elan Madison Yards needed to stand out from the emerging apartment pack, appealing to both newcomers to the city and up-and-coming locals.

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With direct access to the city’s beloved BeltLine pedestrian corridor and plenty of creature comforts close at hand, the property had everything going for it: walkability, retail, and nightlife. All we needed to do was paint a compelling picture of a thoroughly local lifestyle.

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We developed a refined yet friendly identity for the property that incorporates a sophisticated palette, playful language, and a monogram that would feel at home in a luxury boutique. Rather than simply tout the property’s amenities, headlines hint at a bright and bustling life to come, where residents were encouraged to explore Atlanta’s best, commune with the surrounding green spaces, and make new memories.

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At the center of brand is a distinctive layered type treatment in which interlocking letters create a feeling of connectedness and overlap—a perfect metaphor for a neighborhood that offers so much. Paired with delicate linework and custom illustration, the overall impression is one of cohesion, cultivation, and charm.

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One of the brand’s signature elements is a simple, directional line to connect headlines and brand elements. Placed at the center of the property’s blade sign, it serves as an invitation and a guide. At night, it’s illuminated like a beacon, welcoming the curious to the neighborhood’s newest offering. We can’t wait to stroll past it.