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Then they scored the deal of a lifetime by negotiating a low-fee lease of a vacated high school. 54,000 square feet of studios, classrooms, performance halls, galleries and gathering space, to be exact. To cap it off, they were selected to be our 2015 On the House recipient, receiving a full-service pro-bono brand overhaul to help them grow into their new space.

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Dreams don't always come true, but when they gotta rally and show some spirit.

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People called them scrappy. Said they were too small, too young, too unorganized. We gave our neighbors a messaging platform that would clarify how arts and activism go together, and a bold new look and visual language that would elevate their image in the eyes of established artists, while giving them room to grow.

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Wonder Root_Brandmark_Before
Wonder Root_Brandmark_After
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We created a distinct visual language with a custom typeface, graphic elements, and patterns all unified by an iconic shade of blue.

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“We've received so much great feedback about the new WonderRoot branding. We can't thank Matchstic enough for all of their hard work, attentiveness, and guidance throughout this process, and for playing such a significant role in helping WonderRoot evolve as an organization.”