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This new 935-acre master development includes the studio, now called Trilith Studios, as well as a slate of vendor businesses, custom homes and micro-villages, chef-driven restaurants, and thought-leading schools, all aimed at servicing the film and creative industries.

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With an idyllic town next to iconic filmmaking studios, we needed to come up with a look and feel that would encompass the entire place and not feel too village-like or too studio-forward.

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Where we landed is a wordmark and symbol that balance the two sides well: with both the sturdy strength of the studio and the organic beauty of the town.

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The symbol is an abstract representation of a portal, expressing the creative and alluring nature of a place where makers can live, create and inspire the world.

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The system leads with black and white and then brings in soft hues and grainy illustrations to invoke a sense of endless creativity and boundless storytelling.

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The brand voice stands out with a striking nature that feels at once poetic and bold, with messaging that focuses on what it means to live and create at Trilith—a place with endless possibilities for makers of all kinds.

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