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Even though the security industry is highly competitive, Signal has found success through a unique franchising model that offers local ownership with expert global support.

Retaining, yet refining Signal’s existing equity, the visual identity refresh began with a tightened up brand name and updated logo that both easily translate to a global audience. An abstracted “S” brings to mind a flag-waving like a beacon. The wordmark nestled securely beneath the symbol is a subtle nod to protection and peace of mind.

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Light is a fundamental component of Signal’s identity. Warm glows, like light breaking through darkness, reinforce the idea of Signal being a constant source of strength and reassurance.

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Although Signal is messaging primarily to an American market, it was important that the brand’s verbal identity translated internationally. We developed a brand voice that’s compassionate, straightforward, smart and trustworthy. Whether directed to customers or owner/operators, the messaging reinforces the idea of reassuring, constant partnership and total peace of mind.

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The typography suite is balanced for digital and print applications, and feels futuristic but not impractical. Patterns tow the line between signal beams and "S" shapes from the logo.

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Signal Screens Studio

We art directed a custom photography and videography shoot that brings Signal’s look to life by showcasing officers going about their daily (and nightly) duties. Shots with people helping people and “light leaks” again drive home the idea of Signal being a beacon trusted to provide reliability at the ready.

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Our brand refresh was the runway to a coordinated launch at Signal’s franchisee annual conference, the company’s biggest event of the year. Rounding out the system, we updated all of Signal’s uniforms and vehicle wraps, and designed an entire hardbound book that serves as the brand’s comprehensive guide.

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“The brand launch event was amazing and the brand book will be the greatest element of our legacy! The group loves the logo, vehicles, uniforms, verbals, and all of the elements of the new brand. The launch could not have gone better and I cannot thank Matchstic enough for our partnership through this process. We are indeed happy and excited to see where this will take us. We were up 23% last year and I think we will grow by even more this year on account of the rebrand."

—Reed Nyffeler, CEO/Owner, Signal