Matchstic Radically Relevant

When Reeves Contracting Company and Potts Construction were undergoing their 2015 merger, they sought us out to help define their new identity as Reeves Young.

02 Reeves Young 3000

They wanted to combine their strengths and fully become all that they could be without alienating certain partners and clients.

We did some digging and discovered a common thread.

03 Reeves Young 3000

Everything they do—from 30 feet below the ground to 30 floors above—is about people.

Since 1952, they have been built on solid relationships and a relentless pursuit of their clients’ success—taking ownership of every aspect of the construction process.

Built by Relationship

With this truth in mind, we built a visual & verbal identity to match.

Reeves Young’s brandmark symbolizes relationship – connecting the names of the partners and filling the space between them.

05 Reeves Young 3000
06 Reeves Young 3000
07 Reeves Young 3000
08 Reeves Young 3000
09 Reeves Young 2000

The Verbal Identity is the finishing touch that ties it all together, with language that feels accomplished and sturdy, yet relational and people-centric.

10 Reeves Young 2000
09 Reeves Young 3000

With the launch of the new brand, we helped Reeves Young announce their partnership to long-standing clients and contractors on both ends of the merger—allowing them to ease through the transition with relationships intact.