Matchstic Radically Relevant
04 Novo 3000

First, the community needed a name that could be distinguished between The Main’s adjacent retail and office space. We landed on Novo, Latin for “new” and a nod to the nearby New River.

Novo’s brandmark mirrors the building’s two prominent towers, with organic lines adding motion and fluidity.

01 Novo 3000 2

Because local art features prominently throughout the property, we made a custom texture, drawing from real art installations as a base layer for textures, and a window for a variety of images.

05 Novo 3000
07 Novo 3000
08 Novo 1500
09 Novo 1500

Novo’s neutral palette is accentuated with bright bursts of color, used sparingly throughout the system, in flourishes, outlines and stickers intended to imitate old-school price tags.

10 Novo 3000 Alt
11 Novo 1500
12 Novo 1500

The result is a modern, imaginative look for Las Olas’ landmark property.

13 Novo 3000