Matchstic Radically Relevant

The single-family market was flooded with replicas—where everyone was building near-identical products with similar designs, all in the same settings. To help them overcome this hurdle, we dug in deep to uncover the truth behind the brand. Our research uncovered a clear story:

The Providence Group is Refreshingly Timeless.


Their meticulously-reliable and classically-designed homes are a twist on the expected—providing a distinct point-of-view apart from the me-too, cookie-cutter variety. Our next move was to develop visuals and verbals that would reflect and support this claim.

Brandmark The Providence Group Before
Brandmark The Providence Group After

Designing for timelessness requires precision, and to capture the Providence Group’s attention to detail, we developed a custom mark with a stencil-like feel. The type-forward wordmark is at once personal, tailored and fitting—it feels established and well-built with the serif and cut-out touches—and it’s truly ownable.


The Providence brand voice captures elements of classic, welcoming and proud. Aimed at both the choosy and the successful homebuyer, we built a toolkit of messages to introduce the brand.


We built the Providence brand to echo their best-in-class home designs and tight philosophy when it comes to building. The matching monogram and unique seal live as signatures on their work—a literal stamp of approval at times—and the extras add elevation to the brand.


And we selected a neutral, sophisticated color palette to tie all the pieces together. The overall system feels refined and sturdy, but approachable.


All as a steadfast reminder to make space for life.

14 Providence 3000