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The world of virtual production and extended reality evolves at the speed of light. Meptik came to us to get (and stay) ahead of the curve. The question was, “How do we differentiate in an industry where everyone’s trying to out-'wow' each other with their reel?”

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Meptik Sign
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Our research uncovered that visually, there wasn't much differentiation between the other players in the industry. Everyone was caught up in the hype of showing off what virtual production and xR (extended reality) can do. It was all about the work and less about the people making it happen. The Meptik brand was built to embody a more down-to-earth balance of creative storytellers and technical executers.

Business Card

The Meptik symbol, an abstracted “M,” represents their three core “environments” or capabilities – Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed/Merged Reality (MR).

The full identity is expressed with a versatile typography set, monochromatic color and photography, and an iridescent texture that spans the spectrum to illustrate the endless possibilities of virtual and extended reality production.

With messaging like “Upset Reality” and “How can we help?” the brand voice reflects boundary-busting creatives with insane technical prowess who would never talk about themselves like that out loud.

Pelican Case

The new brand identity positioned Meptik as a powerful, personable force in the industry – leading to their acquisition by the global leader in extended reality technology soon after launch.

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Meptik Hoodie