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Through our strategy work, we led them to the understanding that they really have a heart for Atlanta, and Atlanta sends the love right back.

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Without the Atlanta Humane Society’s leadership, our community would not be able to defend and stand up for cats and dogs, because...

Bold Action Takes Big Heart

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The brand voice we created pays homage to this compelling leadership and fierce determination, yet pulls in a dose of compassion and heart-themed language.

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We were careful to preserve the visual expressions that have built equity in the community for over 50 years. The logotype was updated ever so slightly to make it tighter and more legible. While the heart remains a big part of the brand, we also created a fun and flexible system around it—one that helps it beat a little louder and bring warm and fuzzies to animal lovers across the city.

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Inspired by the curiosity and playfulness of the animals, Atlanta Humane Society’s tried and true Avant Garde Gothic became active and full of typographic energy.

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