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The brand’s new strategy is rooted in the celebration and continued education of its myriad members—the strategic and creative marketers who amplify the brilliance and breakthroughs of content across film, music, sports, video games, TV, and streaming. The approach is supported by an evolution into an Academy, creating a space for their diverse membership to connect, collaborate, learn, and grow. Their goal is not only to elevate the indispensable role of marketers across the entertainment industry, but to demonstrate the awesome potential of their individual members.

GEMA Case Study Before After Before After Promax
GEMA Case Study Before After Before After GEMA
GEMA Case Study Before After

Seen above is the transformation from Promax to GEMA. In addition to the name we honed in on a new position, message, signature color, and celebratory look and feel.

GEMA Billboard Mockup 5 C Small
GEMA Magazine Mockup 2

The team approached us eager to breathe life into the board-approved name that kicked off their rebrand process, ensuring it genuinely represents the wide-ranging contributions of its members across the full breadth of entertainment marketing.

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Aiming for a name that balances significance and relevance, the Global Entertainment Marketing Academy of Arts & Sciences was chosen for its clarity and precision, setting a solid direction for the brand’s future. The Promax Awards were similarly rebranded as the Global Entertainment Marketing Awards, or GEM Awards, positioning winning a GEM Award as a recognition on par with the other esteemed awards in the entertainment industry.

GEMA Case Study Guidelines 3
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GEMA’s verbal identity brings the energy needed to serve the best and brightest. Vibrant, devoted and imaginative, GEMA speaks directly to the creative and strategic minds moving the industry forward.

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Shining a light on entertainment marketers fanning the flames of fandom, GEMA’s new visual system reflects that light using color, shape and texture. Multifaceted polygons serve as the central graphic, implying a spotlight, prism or gemstone. GEMA’s signature yellow is vibrant and magnetic, while the type feels both historic and contemporary

GEMA can visually distinguish the Awards from the Academy by turning the dials of color and scale. The GEM Awards lean dark and bold, utilizing large, impactful flares and black backgrounds, while the Academy is brighter and applies smaller, dynamic flares.

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The best tradition is creating new ones.

Check out the full press release for more insight on the transformation.

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Thanks to:

Stacy La Cotera, Scarlett Tanous, Kayla Karlsson and the entire GEMA team and board involved at GEMA for trusting us and collaborating along the way.


Designed by Sean O'Connor
Animations by Max Prince, Meghan Murray
Design Direction by Meghan Murray
Verbal Identity by Cameron Leberecht
Brand Strategy by Mitchell Ditto
Project Management by Patrice Fielder
Creative Direction by Blake Howard