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Syntax Brandmark Before
Syntax Brandmark After

The core of Syntax’s identity is precision. Snappy, diligent and curious, Syntax leaves no stone unturned when delivering informed data that empowers their clients to take action.

Lasers are both precise and illuminating, just like Syntax’s approach to data, cutting through the noise of a crowded market. We used thin, laser-like lines throughout the visual system to evoke a feeling of energy and enthusiasm, including their dynamic “S” mark.

05 Syntax 3000 EDIT

Clean doesn’t have to be generic. Syntax’s new look is elevated and powerful. The uncomplicated color palette features a laser green, black and white, as well as an expanded palette of radiant colors for charts and graphs.

Because data isn’t a language everyone speaks, we helped Syntax develop a brand voice that’s equal parts analytical and approachable. Succinct and jargon-free messaging allows Syntax to quickly establish value with core clients, industry partners, and future talent. The verbal identity, in addition to the visual system, was defined and detailed in a comprehensive set of digital brand guidelines to help empower and equip their team for future implementation.

04 Syntax 3000 EDIT

"We got great feedback from our stakeholders, competitors, and friends — they loved the rebranding and complimented us. The team's top-quality work certainly helped us get more brand awareness and market share." - VP of Sales, Syntax

10 Syntax 3000

Thanks to:

Sarah Grieco, Patrick Shaddow, and Rory Riggs at Syntax for trusting us and collaborating so seamlessly.


Designed by John Bowles, Reid Parsekian, Rachel Jackson
Animations by Max Prince, Reid Parsekian
Design Direction by Brit Blankenship
Verbal Identity by Nick Gebhardt
Brand Strategy by Kenny Isidoro
Project Management by Patrice Fielder