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For over a century, Boys & Girls Clubs of America has been opening doors of opportunity and preparing young people for a great future. With 4,300 clubs across the country that serve nearly 4.7 million kids, their reach is massive and deep.

However, their impact is contingent on bringing kids in their doors with engaging programs, content and relationships. That’s where we come in.

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They were in the middle of a massive effort to rethink Club curricula and asked us to develop a cohesive visual system to make sense of it all. The goals were simple: make a fun but flexible system that’s easy to use for the 60,000 youth-development professionals leading the kids in their Club.

Once we defined all the content needs, we designed a grid system with three simple zones: one for quick read information to help Club professionals quickly choose the right category of curricula; a second zone for easy-to-access information regarding an overview of the content; and finally a section used to give a visual feeling of fun and excitement.

The gridded zone allows for a much-needed consistency with the flexibility for fun.

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“They’re flexible and have a fun and creative work process. Unlike other firms, they let us play a big part in the development of the final product.”

—Brandie Barton, National Director of Creative Services