Matchstic Radically Relevant

We went to work. 55 hours of digging for gold. 690 minutes of stakeholder interviews. 4 intense strategy sessions. 12 healthy debates. 37 courageous words. 101 insightful moments. 15 graphs charts and color wheels

Throughout it all, we kept hearing one consistent story.

Arthritis is a thief.
It robs me of choices.

It isolates.

Puts my life on hold.
It takes away my dreams.
I’m in pain.

I can't be the mom I want to be.

02 Arthritis 2000

It was clear that “No” was the real enemy. But what if we could help people say “Yes”? The message was simple.

The Arthritis Foundation is the Champion of Yes™.

Arthritis Foundation Brandmark Before
Arthritis Foundation Brandmark After
03 Arthritis Foundation 3000

We created a new visual language and focused the brand on owning green, the color of “Yes.”

05 Arthritis 3000
07 Arthritis 2000
08 Arthritis 2000

“After launching the new brand, we’ve seen mass engagement, adoption, and brand alignment among staff and volunteers. Our web volume doubled in four months. We’ve seen an increase in pride throughout the organization, from conferences to boards meetings. The Matchstic team was all-in and so was our leadership team.”

— Sandra Mackey, SVP Marketing & Communications

10 Arthritis 2000