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With enough entrepreneurial energy to power a nuclear plant and a shared passion for helping schools raise money, the future was looking bright for Booster Enterprises. However, that same entrepreneurial spirit had resulted in a litany of disparate brands with no unifying guardrails. Beingknown by the name of their signature product, further complicated their brand story.

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After a comprehensive download on their business,a review of their competitive landscape, and a deep dive into their audience’s mindsets, we helped the Booster team align around being a single brand delivering coordinated fundraising strategies rather than multiple brands with one-off fundraising products.

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We created a visual identity with an architecture framework and clear color strategy and to double down on the need for focus.

“We believe our new branding makes it easier for our clients to find the right service for them and get the most out of their choices.”

—Chris Carneal,Founder and CEO

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We've continued to work with the Booster team to help apply their new branding across print, digital, experience and within their culture—the six ring star is a symbol for Booster's internal virtues.

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Graphically, Booster now reflects the energy and pride of their team while honoring the cohesion that their audiences need to make informed decisions for schools, year after year.

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"Everyone needed to have a level of buy-in on this project and the Matchstic team found way to meet the needs of all our teams in order to deliver a unified and elevated brand that is more distinctive and professional."

—Kim Miller, VP of Marketing