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They need a new identity to match their increased capabilities. With inspired design to elevate and enhance any space, Royal Thai seeks to...

Find Inspiration in Everything

Collaborations with a wide range of design experts—from architects to graffiti artists to fashion designers—are a key aspect that sets this company apart. To reflect this spirited history of design partnership, we conducted a series of visual experiments. These outcomes formed the backdrop of our visual narrative.

03_Royal Thai_3000

To mark the brand, we studied the characters of the Chinese and Thai alphabets. We crafted a monogram that feels both abstract enough for global reach and right at home.

04_Royal Thai_3000
05_Royal Thai_3000
Royal Thai_Brandmark_Before
Royal Thai_Brandmark_After
06_Royal Thai_3000

We continued this compelling story through compelling copy, including a tightly-written opening paragraph and headlines that help bring their brand voice to life.


Worthy of the Worldly

Multicultural in People & Practice

Well-Traveled Spaces

Every Thread Tells 1,000 Stories

We anchored the core identity in crisp, confident black and white, which allows the product to take center stage.

07_Royal Thai_3000

08_Royal Thai_3000
09_Royal Thai_3000

10_Royal Thai_3000

To capture the essence of Royal Thai’s color expertise, we introduced an additional trend palette. As the product design evolves, so do the supplemental trend swatches. This flexibility creates an analogous relationship between the brand and its material.

11_Royal Thai_3000
12_Royal Thai_3000
13_Royal Thai_3000

The brand developed into a layered, textured identity, with transitioning colors and custom patterns in artistic strokes. Pieces of original art themselves, these abstract patterns lend themselves to background texture or can serve as a primary focus, standing on their own.

14_Royal Thai_3000
15 Royal Thai 3000
16_Royal Thai_3000

Use of spacious layouts and plentiful breathing room lifts the brand out of the carpet space, befitting a reputed global design house. To echo Royal Thai’s flexibility in customizable carpet design, we provided an endlessly imagined set of moving parts, to grow with the company as they continue to tell stories in thread.

17_Royal Thai_3000
18_Royal Thai_3000

“Working with Matchstic is every marketer’s dream. They have that perfect balance between understanding business objectives and pushing creative to a place where real innovation happens. They did the research and work to get to the core of who we are as a company and created a fresh and inspiring brand identity. I know everyone at Royal Thai is proud to hand out their business card.”

—Kim McMurray, Global Marketing Director

19_Royal Thai_3000