Matchstic Radically Relevant

A small team of deep thinking experts came to us with an abiding belief in the poetic observation of Alan Watts:

“Doing something about a problem which you do not understand is like trying to clear away darkness by thrusting it aside with your hands. When light is brought, the darkness vanishes at once.”

And so they named their company Beam and set out to imagine stories that were yet untold.


Our task was to give them an identity to match their brilliance in rethinking the means and methods of storytelling for heavy hitting brands like Delta, the Atlanta Braves and (one day) Tesla.


Their curiosity and technological capability add up to a unique mix of problem solving and visual storytelling, so we designed a sharp and light-based system to play off these ideas and attract the big brands they want to continue to work with.

The identity visualizes both their name and their most powerful tool: light.


We also developed an imaginative brand voice to help them outshine the competition.


Knack for Dreaming

Geared to Captivate


Greetings from the (not-so-distant) Future

“When you’re only thinking of the next big thing it is easy to lose sight of how to express yourself today. You need a partner to help you unearth the truth of who you are and want to be.”

—Pouya Dianat, Founder