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08 10 Tampa Bay

A CBS station based in Tampa Bay, 10 News had a history of varied taglines, approaches, and network affiliations. In 2019, they found themselves saddled with a misleading name, a muddled visual identity, and a lack of consistent viewer loyalty. But their team of storytellers yearned to dazzle with something different.

CBS10 News 01
Brandmark Horizontal CBS
01 10 Tampa Bay 3000

We started by establishing a unique and ownable position for the station. In a noisy market filled with disjointed stories, they would offer “deeper dives and sharper insights.” But that wasn’t the only change. Since news wasn’t the only type of programming they offered, we helped the team rally around a more appropriate name: 10 Tampa Bay.

12 10 Tampa Bay 3000
25 10 News 3000
04 10 Tampa Bay 3000
08 10 Tampa Bay
30 10 Tampa Bay
09 10 Tampa Bay

In a market awash in red and blue, our design team introduced a refreshing teal and an elegant geometric mark with confident, radiating linework that nods to the layers of a well-told story. The distinctive shape, with its precise intersections also served as an ideal supergraphic across some imaginative applications.

11 10 Tampa Bay
12 10 Tampa Bay 3000
03 10 Tampa Bay 3000
12 10 Tampa Bay
11 10 Tampa Bay
15 10 Tampa Bay 3000

To match the new look, we provided accompanying messaging emphasizes the station’s mission to provide clarity, context, and confidence. Taken together, the approach is a dramatic standout in Tampa—and a huge leap forward for the brand.