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First we helped define their unique personality and position. From newcomers to natives, WABE celebrates what makes Atlanta, Atlanta and the commonalities that help a big world feel smaller.

In other words, Amplifying Atlanta.

Steering clear of the NPR logo while still evolving the previous WABE mark, we created custom square letter forms that amplify and expand.

We created a system of dynamic shapes to house various content needs and to give the identity an equally bold and expressive feeling.

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The brand colors give a diverse range from stark to vibrant, just like the empire city of the South.

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Whether fresh and inclusive language, people-focused photography, or dynamic shapes, the new WABE identity goes all in on Atlanta.

WABE Small Square

WABE now stands true and proud. Ready to produce more engaging, award-winning, and honest content with an identity that is all-in on Atlanta.

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