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In the process, we had one big insight: everyone is talking, but is anyone truly listening?

11Alive is where you have a real voice in what matters.

11Alive believe the news shouldn’t be a one-way conversation, but a dialogue with viewers. They care about their city and what their neighbors think, feel and experience—so they welcome all voices to the table.

This shift in perspective is first noticeable with a bold update to their logo of 25 years. 11° angles are employed on the numerals and throughout a refreshed and modern visual identity system.

This updated container shape expands and fills with news content, dynamically layering stories, reports and settings.

06 11alive 3000
08 11alive 3000
09 11alive 3000
10 11 Alive 3000

11Alive unveiled their new identity in conjunction with Super Bowl LIII.