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12 Roosevelt 3000

It’s a place where residents and visitors can gather to enjoy activities across the spectrum, from the serene and restorative to the adventurous and indulgent. Previously they went to market as two separate brands, The Shops and The Lofts, but our refresh sought to coalesce the place as one.

Roosevelt 3000
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02 Roosevelt 3000

Taking into account the property’s wide array of options, we developed a visual and verbal identity for the project that centered around a compelling but flexible key idea: Life Meets Leisure.

08 Roosevelt 3000
04 Roosevelt 3000 1
06 Roosevelt 3000

The property’s brand voice is nuanced, matching the active, energetic pulse of the area and complementing the site’s diverse tenants and residents.

03 Roosevelt 3000
14 Roosevelt 3000

Monolithic brand architecture differentiates the Shops from Lofts. Color palette, photography and the energy of a pulsating graphic texture further support the unique tone of each offering. At the same time, the Roosevelt Collection brand is united through materiality, typography and visual form—striking an overall balance between individuality and continuity

07 Roosevelt 3000
15 Roosevelt 3000

We combined the Shops and Lofts website, and linked stationery and signage systems to communicate the collective scope of the full property.

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