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01_Zoning Signs_3000

You know the ones we're talking about—those convoluted eyesores around town that are difficult to read and impossible to understand.

We were tasked with improving the legibility of these outdated notices by providing a cleaner, more beautiful way to communicate with the community.

02_Zoning Signs_3000
04_Zoning Signs_3000

Our solution was to design a clear visual system, one that is unexpectedly engaging and flexible for future expansion. We also created a legible, consistent visual hierarchy that distinctly identifies the notices by assigning each one a single letter.

05_ATLZoning Signs_3000

The colors were refined to reflect what our flourishing city represents, boldly framing each sign, no matter its backdrop. In addition to color, the notices use the Department of City Planning’s new logo and typefaces, refreshing and modernizing their look and feel.

06_ATLZoning Signs_3000

The finished pieces can now be seen throughout Atlanta—everywhere progress is taking shape—bringing clarity where there was once confusion and indifference. We don't know about you, but we smile every time we see one.

“As the City of Atlanta, everything that we design should be exceptional. The city is responsible for setting the standard of work that is representative and worthy of contributing to Atlanta. We’re in the process of evaluating ourselves to ensure we are clear and concise in all that we do.”

–Commissioner Tim Keane

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