Matchstic Radically Relevant
01 Alta Union 3000

We created a brand for exceptional folks and independent spirits, from trendsetting locals to newcomers looking for a new scene.

12 Alta Union 3000
02 Alta Union 3000

To match this intrepid, up-for-anything ethos, we created an identity that’s simultaneously vintage and modern. Situated in a neighborhood full of converted warehouses and silos, Alta Union nods to its hardworking past with brawny typography balanced with a delicate ribbon script.

04 Alta Union 3000
05 Alta Union 2000
11 Alta Union 3000

A snappy palette paired with clever illustrations bring Alta Union down to earth, and a mix of patterns add some visual texture as accents on a versatile range of applications.

08 Alta Union 1500
09 Alta Union 1500

Friendly, carefree messaging that doesn’t take itself too seriously adds even more authenticity to Alta Union’s identity, of which you can experience or lease it yourself towards the end of 2021.