Matchstic Radically Relevant
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When a brand gets a lot of things right, how does it cut through the clutter of good to find the one thing that makes it great?

We looked deep into their marketing and competitive landscape, listened to the four dozen people who know them best and toured some of their prized projects.

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We discovered that Lord Aeck Sargent creatively responds to each aspect of every project. That means they respond to the client, history, context, site, restraints, user, and future.

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Responsive Design, one of their mantras since their 1942, is the heart of who they are and what they do. This idea may not have been new to them, but we dusted it off and made it the central focus and creative concept.

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05_Lord Aeck Sargent_3000

As typography or redacted rectangles, these pillars respond across various design applications, mimicking the firm’s philosophy of responding to the demands of every design.

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