Matchstic Radically Relevant
01 Juniper 3000

In order to encourage workplace wellness, TaskGroup’s software first needed an approachable name. Their choice was inspired by a plant that is known for its flexibility and growth...

The slightly off-center degree symbol above the 'j' is a friendly reminder to do your back a favor and realign your space.

03 Juniper 2000 opt

We created the identity around a certain science-y charm that reminds one of a 1950s professor, yet we translated science talk into engaging, everyday speak that anyone can understand.


The brand voice is paired with visuals inspired by old anatomical illustrations and 1950s typography.


Beyond a spankin' new identity and fun anatomical illustrations, we helped the Juniper team bring their brand to life.

Juniper is the only ergonomics software platform built by doctors for people who aren’t. This new identity system allows their users to empower workplace wellness in a simple and engaging way, helping people understand how to sit, stand and perform their jobs with good posture.