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He could have lived a lavish life. Instead, he poured his heart and soul into the youth home he built back in 1961 with his equally impressive wife, Glenda.

Sadly, Paul passed away in 1994.

Lucky for us, his strength of heart and youth home continue to live on. We were honored when asked to help preserve this legacy.

The only problem was that most people had never heard this amazing story.

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And that’s a big problem when your donor base is getting older, you’re a small, Christian organization in rural Georgia and you only treat around 20 young men a year...

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So we decided to play up their strengths.

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We retold Paul’s story in a new way.

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Paul Anderson_Brandmark_After
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We developed a unique visual & verbal identity system that nodded to the past, while speaking to the future.

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We created a new operating structure that would allow them to branch out and grow.

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And we made some incredible new friends.

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